Rositza Chernokozheva

Children’s nightmares – a specific fullfilment of desires. Psychoanalitic and psychodramatic aspect


    The text examines three short stories from the classic Bulgarian children`s literature. The authors are Simeon Andreev, Grigor Ugarov and Angel Karaliichev. The plot of these short stories is the character`s dream before Christmas day and the child and bird relations. These dreams are unpleasant and even scary experience for the dreaming protagonist. From a psychoanalytic point of view, they are somehow satisfying desires, which is every child`s dream. The psychoanalysis introduces us to the analysis of these dreams and proves that the dreams for punishment are also fulfilment of wishes, not of urges, but of the criticizing, censoring and punishing instance in the spiritual life of the Super-ego. These scary experiences for the child contribute for better knowledge of its fragile, forming in the process of growing, Ego. They uncover the unconscious Id, Ego and Super-ego.